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Hi there , been playing Xplane 10 since the beginning, on my 3G......

Later on after updates and going to 3GS, 4, 5, 5S. 6S. .. And Plus.. I did purchase many aircrafts, the latest being the F22 couple months ago.. Still don't know how to fly a mission, like in the "drive test " where I could target planes, and dogfight... And so on.....

  Next on my list would be a liner.. Now where the heck should I fly such a giant like the 747 on such a small map... I'd be "out of bounds" in no time....

Please help!

  Kind regards,

Liviu Sindila

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There are only a few combat missions, and the F22 only features in the Inverted Flyby mission. If you'd like combat, your best bet would be to find a friend and set up your own multiplayer match.

The largest map in X-Plane mobile is probably Hawaii. You can make pretty long flights between the islands.

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