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Just down loaded X Plane 10  demo and had a quick flight (very nice) So adjusted to Full Screen Res and now the left/right arrows keys don't work (Up/Down are fine). Set it back to default and still the same.

Any ideas please or is there a set all to defaults function I can use while learning product?

many thanks imk

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Hi imk,

It might be the view you're using. The default view is 2D panel, and if the screen is wide enough to show the full panel, the left/right arrows won't do anything. Try switching to 3D cockpit (shift + 9). You can make that the default in the rendering settings window, but some aircraft may not have a 3D panel so it could sometimes look bad.
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Hello jroberts

Yes switching to 3D worked, many thanks!

AC was a BC so cockpit was wide enough, also the up/down keys worked but not left right so think I had messed up something in my novice fiddling.

Being flying FSX for while so thought I'd try x-plane and well really nice. Tried the SR71, wow crashed twice on take-off but third time pulled at 180 kts and away she went, mmmm tricky little filly.

BTW if anyone interested running it on Q87M-E, i5-4670, 8gb ram and tweaked BIOS to give dedicated 1GB to HD4600 and runs really well.

Again many thanks imk