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If I know that a particular VOR approach in "East Jesus" Idaho is exceptionally difficult to skillfully "hand-fly" execute, and I want to challenge a fellow "X Sim Flight Fan" to try it, can I email send them one, or, better yet, a library of the flight Situations I've found & created under <TOP MENU> SETTINGS / LOCATION / LOCAL MAP / and. once inside there, onto CREATE & SAVE SITUATIONS?

If so, I'd like for all my sim creational details to follow the sent challenge, i.e. (altitude / heading / weather etc).

Or, as thusly created, are those Situations not "up-rootable" nor "exportable" outside of the system they were/are created in without their being shared in a Student/IOS relationship?

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You can share most of the file types created by X-Plane (.sit, .fdr, .rep). The recipient just needs to place them in the same location so X-Plane can locate them to open them. The .sit and .rep file types are pretty unstable though, and may not work between versions (situations recorded in 10.45 may not even work in 10.50, or vice versa.)
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Forgive a technical "pilgrim" when I seek clarity, but, specifically, when you say "same location", that means the copied transitory file, (.sit, .fdr, .rep), being identically pasted/placed into the recipient's file structure as it was located when/where it was host copied/sent from.

The "location" context of that comment is file structure based and not the Lat/Long coordinates of the sim airplane when the local map when copied?....Yes?
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That's correct. The coordinates of the aircraft are embedded in the file. They just need to put a .sit file in Output/situations for example, not just in Output or the main folder.
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Am I right when I aver:   

  1. .sit file is a "situation" package and is found with the same name creationally given to it under the Save Situation module of the local map menu.  
  2. A .rep file I intuit to be a "replay" of the time window defined as any/every thing thing done in the simulator between the last two prior system shut downs of the X-Plane sim software.
    1. That sounds like the "Replay" module just runs on a looping kind of program design.  
    2. I hope to hear you say that as long as I post flight download & rename the "Replay" files, I would be able to create a sequential & complete library of how an aspiring simulated flight student's progression of flight skill develops. Am I right in making that declaration? 
  3. I don't recognize the .fdr file format. In what part of the sim profile does that file format perform in?

Graciously, jroberts, thank you again for insight!

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Here is the section of the manual that details .sit & .rep files.

FDR files usually come from an aircraft's "back box" data. You can make your own, and if you're interested, there is mouse over explanation text for every column in the FDR window in X-Plane.