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recently updated Xplane automatically, yesterday.

But now I have controllers, i.e. joystick. I have proven the joystick works with Win7, and by using USB overdrive App from the app store.

When  i run Xplane 10 the prog can see the joystick, but it cannot be calibrated, there is no response from the prog when buttons are pressed etc.

Any ideas would be welcome, do I need to roll back to previous Xplane? If so how?



27" Imac (late 2012), pentium processor, 25G memory, running El Capitan OS

Joystick, Cyborg3d USB joystick





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X-Plane does not assign joystick buttons by default. If this is a new joystick, you'll need to assign the buttons in the Joystick and Equipment screen, Buttons: Basic tab. Detailed instructions on how to set up buttons here.

If X-Plane did not successfully calibrate it the first time you used the joystick, you can re-calibrate it in the Joystick & Equipment screen, Axis tab. Make sure all the axes you are using are set in the drop down menu, and that the bars are green (red bars indicate that axis is not calibrated).

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I have never had my CH Pro pedals initialized when cold booting my computers.  This goes back to Win 3.1, Win XP, Win 7, and Win 8.1.  It is always necessary to unplug/plug the pedals each time I start up, so this has become part of my pre-flight check during which I recalibrate all my controllers as a matter of procedure.  Pedals, of course, do not have buttons, but the axis assignments remain as they were set.

So, no big deal.  Try plugging and unplugging the USB cable.  I am not familiar with the app mentioned, and I don't use Apple computers.  I also know that if you are using CH controllers, do NOT use the CH Control Manager - uninstall that.  You don't need it and it causes problems.