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Hello i am dinesh reddy, I did my Type rating on Airbus 320 and i want to enhance my skills further.
 And my friend referred to XPLANE 10, but he is using Xplane for fun. But i have few questions
can i use Xplane with airbus a320 & can i apply all the Standard operating Procedures of airbus i mean to ask does it support all the cockpit functionality & FMGS system as in real ?
Can we practice emergency procedures as actual and can we apply ECAM actions ?
 If it does i really looking forward to get Xplane 10.
And my Macbook Pro Specs are
i5 Processor 2.7 GHz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1.5 GB & 128 GB SSD
so can my Macbook handle the Xplane 10 ?

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Hi dinesh,

You can compare your system to our requirements here, and even download the free demo to see if you'll be happy with the simulator's performance on your laptop. 

The Airbus 320 is not included with X-Plane by default, but a quick internet search turns up some available models, such as this A320 Neo.

As a point of comparison, my MacBook Air is a couple years old and it can run the default sim, but if I start adding much custom scenery or pay ware planes, it tends to lose FPS fast. So watch out with that A320 may be quite demanding on your hardware.