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I am flying approaches but cannot get the CDI needles to activate. I have the appropriate frequencies entered and VLOC elected on the GNS 430.  I am running on a Macbook Pro  running El Capitan X-plane 10with 8GB virtual memory and 12 GB free on the hard disc. Everything else works fine. I have an active moving Map. The flags stay on on the CDI.
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Can you please be more specific? What airport, runway and aircraft, for example? What frequencies are you entering?

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Good questions: For anyone else with this problem. The airport I was using for the IFR approach was KHYX 27 approach. It apparently is not in the X-flight data base and when I went a few miles away to KMBS 5 approach the needles worked fine. I figured this out myself but your answer would have definitely helped. Thanx Joe
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Hi Joe,

FYI, if you find airports that are not in X-Plane, you can file a New Airport Code Request to have them added on the Airport Scenery Gateway. Once someone creates scenery for them, they'll be added to X-Plane in an update.

You can file issues with NAVAIDs in the same place, under the NAVAID tab.