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Despite me selecting anything up to the maximum possible of objects and or roads in "Rendering Options" I still find areas of road that no buildings etc ever get placed on. I have tried altering, re-starting, checking add-on scenery for exclude areas but no joy.

Annoyingly this happens for all of my home town and many places I often visit. My machine runs at framerates of 30 -60 everywhere so it ain't lack of grunt (Win 8.1 Intel I7 4 core, 16Gb Kingston HyperX RAM and a 6 GB GeForce GTX970)

Is there something I have missed?

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Some areas will not have buildings/auto-gen scenery as this is part of the 'plausible' world technique used in XP10 - it is not always 100% true to the actual area. I would try looking for freeware scenery for your home airport, which may help populate the surround the neighbouring town/city, but if not, I would recommend trying World Editor! It is a fantastic piece of software that lets you put your own buildings down in areas that are otherwise bare.

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