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Carenado makes the Cessna S550, EMB505 etc for other simulators.  They make nice planes for X-Plane, which I have a few, but no private jets.  I have the Challenger 500 which is my favorite plane, I also have the G550 and G650 which are very old and simple.  I would love to have a nice current long distance private jet.  I have some big jets, the 757 and A330, which are too big for me.
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Thank you for your feedback. Have you seen the results of the last few months of X-Plane usage data? General aviation planes and big airliners tend to be the most popular in X-Plane, so aircraft designers might not think there is a big enough desire for them.

If you have a specific jet in mind, you might be able to try building your own with the Plane Maker software that comes bundled with X-Plane. We have a manual online, and there are lots of people willing to help with questions on the forums. Or request a plane on the forum.