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I purchased and downloaded the digital copy of x-plane. It noted several times during the installation that there was an error because I did not have permission to download some of the files but after clicking in the windows box the download always seemed to continue. Once though I try to start x-plane, 32 bit version it never makes it past the splash screen. I have tried to set the virtual memory as per the instructions to 3gb and seem to have accomplished that but still when I start the program it just sets there and draws the circle for a while till it lets me know the program stopped responding. Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Log attached.

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Usually when I hear that people are being notified by the installer of errors due to permissions, it's because of where X-Plane is installed. Your log shows X-Plane is on the desktop though, which it the best place to put it. Please double check you didn't move anything out of the folder (the app won't run if it's moved to any other location for instance). You can try running the installer again and picking "update" to see if any files are missing or corrupt.

I'm curious why you are using the 32 bit app. Is your version of Windows 32 bit or 64 bit? In general we recommend people use 64 bit X-Plane (simply called X-Plane.exe) if at all possible.

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I only have windows 7 32bit, Did not realize when I was excited to finally purchase this version of x-plane the I needed 64bit but felt relieved when I saw it had an exe for 32bit. Of course came back down to earth when the program failed to start. I installed it on the desktop which is the default path the installer placed it, It did update right after I installed it and I did not try to run it till after the update installed. I even tried to update it again besides and it still did not make any difference in getting the program to start. The PC I have does just have a bit more ability than the bare minimum requirements listed on the x-plane website.
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You can try holding down shift and double clicking on the .exe to start it. That will start in safe mode so you could try turning down the rendering settings to minimum to see if that lets you run X-Plane.

If that also doesn't work, try contacting customer support at [email protected]. You might be able to exchange it for X-Plane 9 which may work better on older computers (but only comes on discs). Try X-Plane 9 for free to see if it's better for you here.

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I tried the shift key and double clicking the exe. X-plane start up screen gives me two options. Use default rendering or Use previous rendering. either one I have chosen will not let the program start. Windows will eventually let me know the program has stopped responding. I think I will consider calling the contact phone number for x-plane and see if instead of refunding the purchase of the digital download I can just purchase the DVD set for version 10 and set it aside till I can build a much more powerful PC. I should have known this program was designed to run for people with serious machines and also those that were very computer literate to work their way past the problems this program would present such as this. If you all have other ideas like do I have to much scenery installed and if I remove some would that help it run I will try it. Otherwise I do appreciate the help and suggestions I was given.