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Good day,

I'm having problems in the installation of X-Plane 10. The installer I downloaded from is ok (I suppose) because it asks me the DVD 1, I insert it and it starts requesting to select the desired tiles to be installed. At a certain moment, during the installation, it requests another DVD (number 3 in my case), so I eject the 1 and insert the other, but the installer does not recognize it. It stucks there waiting a DVD which is already in. At this point I would like to cancel the installation process and fly the actual, maybe inserting the global scenery manually from the DVDs which are recognized in the right way from the OS, but it cancel the entire XP folder. So, I'm in the situation that I can't continue the installation process and neither I can stop it and fly with what it has done till now. I attach the "X-Plane installer Log", this is the only file remained.


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Hi Alessandro,

You can try installing X-Plane with no scenery at all, which I believe will only require disc 1.

Please double check that you inserted the correct disc. X-Plane will not warn you if the incorrect disc is inserted. We can also discuss replacements if you think the disc is defective.
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Did you insert the disc upside down?