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After upgrading to X-Plane 10.51, I've been unable to get the ATC to function properly.  I can file flight plans and request clearance just fine, but after that last communication with ATC I'm effectively abandoned.  No hand-off to other control frequencies or approach vectors for my destination.  It also appears that ground clearance for taxi instructions at airports that previously supported in version 10.45 is no longer available.

I've only found one other comment about this issue in the developer.xplane.com blog that announced general availability of 10.51.r2.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Are you tuning to the right frequency for the next step? Sometimes the frequencies in X-Plane don't match the real world, so you'll need to use what X-Plane has.

If you don't mind it being a little less like the real world, I highly recommend trying the Nearby ATC option. You can open the window from under the Special menu.

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