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Hi. When on ground taxiing, why is it that once I tilt the joystick for example to the right, and then I release the joystick in ordee for the llane to go straight, instead the front gear tilts to the left and the plane starts going left?

AND whenever I am in the sky with AP off and and I turn the aircraft, the front gear moves in that direction too???

summary: how do I keep the front gear facing straight when joystick is straight

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It could be overcorrecting from the joystick input. You can check how X-Plane is receiving your joystick input by following these directions. They will have you display the input on screen. Leave it on and try this situation again and see if the input is correct but the animation is wrong (by which I mean, the input is 0 for center, but the wheels are pointed the opposite direction). Please check with a default aircraft. If you see this is wrong, please file a bug here with your exact steps.