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Hi, all is said (or written) in the subject in this mail, is'nt it ?
So, sure... in bad english ; sorry i am french and don't speak english every day... Sometimes i read it, specially when i've installed beta versions of x-plane (10 two times, and v11, a few minutes ago)

So, i've bought a digital "downloaded" version (not steam) of x-plane 10 less than one year ; exactly, 9th of january 2016.
And, i am a little desappointed to have to buy a new version at the same price.

I'am developper of software (web applications in fact) , so i know that you have to pay all your employees... but reduce price to "old" customers can be a good solution to "keep" them...

In conclusion, i would want to help you, for instance by buying also x-plane for android at a not very expensive price... As a reduced price for x-plane 11 (pc : win7)

Is buying by steam plateforms can be less expensive in my case ?

i love x-plane ; congratulations for your job, particulary to offer multiples versions and particulary for linux... you are a very good example for others software games company

Sincerly yours, Richard

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Hi Richard,

I'm glad to hear you enjoy X-Plane. Unfortunately, we don't offer upgrades between one version to the next, and we are only able to offer a discount on X-Plane 11 if you purchased the X-Plane 10 digital download from and your order was placed Sept 9th through October 8th, 2016.

Sometimes Steam has sales on X-Plane, so if you want to wait a while for a sale and get it there you may be able to save some money.