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The peddeals are reconised, I can callibrate, I can choose left an right brakes, but there is no option to choose Rudder. I tried Jay, what works for my joystick, but for most planes I use a yoke in combination with peddsls.

Thanks, Roy.

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We believe we've found an issue with the order flight hardware is recognized in X-Plane if you have more than one USB hardware plugged in. We will be working on a fix ASAP so please be patient for now and try the next update to see if it's better.
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Thank you for the quick response.

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Will this fix all or most of the PITCH and ROLL not working with devices along with calibration? My post was regarding the Saitek X-55 PITCH and ROLL not working.


Thank you
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We're hearing a lot of issues about Joysticks, so we'll get fixes out as fast as we can. It's possible that if X-Plane misinterprets the joysticks at launch that it causes this issue, or it could be unrelated. We'll have to start getting fixes out in updates and see what remains after that. It may take us a few tries to get everything fixed.
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Perhaps not the same issue... Using CH Pro Yoke and Pedals - these calibrate and work fine in v10.5.  In v11.0b they calibrate fine, but in flight nearly full right aileron is required to maintain level flight. This is common to both the 172 and Skyhawk. Windows 10 Pro.