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I have a two computer- five monitor simulator.  I have purchased two download keys of X plane 11 to use on each computer.  Everything is working great so far- no beta bugs yet...  ;)  


My question is: can I use one of those  keys on my Macbook pro as well?  the intention is to use the macbook to test addons, design airports, etc.  I would NEVER use it simultaneously with the simulator.  Previously, I was using  X plane 10 and I would just pop the DVD into my macbook when I was using it... I can't do that with digital..


Thanks for your time.  X plane 11 is AMAZING   - and I already thought highly of 10  ;)

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One key covers an entire household; you probably only needed one...
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Your answer creates a confusion. In the installation guide we can find:

  • Your digital download product key is good for the life of X-Plane 11 for one computer; do not use it on multiple computers or share it with other users. This may cause your key to stop working.

So what is the truth? One key for entire household or separate key for each ONE computer. I also want to have one sim on two PCs. Does licence allow me to use only one key?