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I've just bought x-plane11 digital version, and as far as i know we have five free aircrafts,  we don`t find the link to download them. how can i download these aicrafts?. Thanks in advance.
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I saw that too when I purchased XP11 last week.  Somewhere it said I would receive an e-mail if I signed up for e-mail and that I would receive a link to download 5 bonus aircraft.  I went looking after the install and could find no trace of it again.

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The 11 "Free Aircraft" are already downloaded and installed in your "Aircraft" folder in X-Plane 11 Beta.

Please state where there were "5 free aircraft?" is stated on the's Digital Download download page?

^^ This is the "official" Digital Download page for Laminar Research/ -- I see no mention at all of "5 Free aircraft"