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I just bought a new computer Intel i7 6700K 16GB Nvidia GTX1070.  I had X-Plane 10.51r2 on my old AMD system that I had to turn everything down.  Today I downloaded X-Plane 10.51r2 onto my new system and the default planes seem ok.  However, any of my add on planes, JAR A320, Rotate MD80, Aerobask Epic E1000 when loaded the engines shut down in first 5 seconds and then I am unable to click any buttons to restart.  The buttons do not light or do anything, they just make a click noise or do not respond at all.  These planes run fine on my old machine, installed the same way.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  You can e-mail me at [email protected]   Thank you.

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A lot of payware planes require activation. Since it is a new computer you will probably need to use the codes that came with the initial purchases to re-activate them. You may even need to contact the aircraft developer's support to unlock your code as sometimes they are limited to a single use. It will probably vary by aircraft/developer.