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I need information about an order. I need to order two licenses of the new X-plane (one for me and another for a friend of mine), but it seems it is not possible to order more than one license at the same time; is there a way to do it, or should I make two different orders?

And one last thing: since the version 11 is still in beta stage, will my order be valid even for final 11 versions or only for the 11 betas? Will the final version be available into Italian language or English only?

Thank You very much!

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Yes, X-Plane 11 purchases are currently limited to 1 so you will have to make two separate purchases to order two keys.

All orders are good for the life of the X-Plane 11 run, for all updates to 11.00 final, and beyond.

We will have an Italian translation later on. We are still working on getting translations in place.