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I want to practice some multi-engine flying and currently have only one Saitek PZ45 throttle quadrant with ps2 which plugs into yoke. I would like to add another PZ45 throttle and from what I'm reading it must be a USB 2.0. The problem currently is it seems these have been on back order with no end in sight. I was considering buy a ch products 6 lever throttle quadrant model 300-131 . I was wondering overall what's the better setup. Is one product more superior.  I'm using X-plane 10 with windows 10.

Thank You

Robert Morgan

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Hi there Robert,

Your problem here is really one of personal preference; either setup should practically work in the end. I have one Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant which I use beside my Pro Flight Yoke and Rudder Pedals; it's a desirable setup for me but as I haven't really had the need to practice multi-engine flying I haven't considered the dual Quadrant setup, but from what I know Saitek does support side-by-side configuration.
Quote from Saitek: 

"Ideal for Side-by-Side Configuration

Interchangeable lever heads help you create a custom configuration of throttle, flaps, mixture, and prop pitch. Remove the lever tops and then group the controls just how you want them."

On the other hand of the equation, we have the CH Products Throttle Quadrant, which is extremely sturdy and probably more desirable to you if you'd like to focus on Multi-Engine flying, since it is just 2 Engine, 2 Prop and 2 Mixture levers without any gaps in the middle which could get annoying, +1 for CH.

In the end, as I said, it is up too you, and unto what extent you want to pay for these items, as for one more Saitek Quadrant you'd be paying not so much; but for a completely new CH Products Quadrant it might be say more expensive.

I hope I was able to help.


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