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I just watched the video on YouTube at a conference with Mr. Meyer where he says that the download version of 11 will be free if you ordered the version 10 download. I have the disc version 10 Global and don't understand why it's a free upgrade to 11 for the downloaded 10 version and not for those of us who paid for the disc version 10?

Mine was expensive.

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At the time of the video, the store on ran a promotion where you could order the digital download of X-Plane 10 & receive X-Plane 11 as well. The offer is only good with digital download purchases and is a product key that will install both X-Plane 10 & 11. It is not an "upgrade" --the two versions are completely separate installs. DVD purchases are not eligible for this offer, but you can currently buy X-Plane 11 in the store and the key you receive will also allow you to install X-Plane 10 digital download.
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Thank you. Hopefully I'll get it for Christmas.