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I'm running XP10 on an iMac 2.9 ghz, 8gb ram, 512mb video.  XP10 ran smoothly back in earlier versions but now seems to hang every time I load it.  I've since deleted the software and reloaded everything from scratch and still the same issue results.  I've attached the log file which hopefully provides some answers; I just need assistance with what to do next based on what can be  interpreted from the log.  My email is haroldfb279@gmail.com.  Thanks for taking the time to shed some light on the issues I'm experiencing and how I might correct them.

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imageDownload file


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X-Plane tends to get a little more powerful and demanding on systems every time it gets a major update. Our minimum system requirements for the most recent version of X-Plane 10 (10.51) actually list a video card with 1 GB of VRAM, while you list only 512 mb in your specs, so your graphics card may not be able to handle the rendering settings.

Check the X-Plane manual for more troubleshooting tips, but you might start with safe mode to see if you can turn the rendering options down to minimums and potentially get flying again.

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