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Hi all,

I have installed HD global scenery mesh correctly and is all working fine. If I was to disable this to compare landclass differences from the HD one and the stock XP11 .. Would this now display the std XP11 landclass.

     Sorry I know this sounds like a silly question..... but i thought my hometown airport YPAD had a road going to it . However after disabling the HD one to check the road in question , it was still missing? and  there were still light posts where the road should have been. Now im not sure if it was even there to start with.

Also just to clarify when I change to the HD mesh am I replacing textures or am I still using the new XP11 textures but now laying the new textures as the HD mesh landclass wants them.

I apologize for my misunderstanding of all this but after reading several forum post am getting a little confused. I do understand the principle behind mesh but from my understanding no textures get replaced only the way a certain types of texture files are laid out over that mash.

Can anyone confirm that the main road from the road outside YPAD doesnt have a bitumen road leading in and that there are light posts present on what looks to be a dirt road? just to ease my mind. thanks

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One thing to keep in mind is that both X-Plane and HD Mesh use Open Street Map data. So if OSM had incorrect information, it will likely show up wrong in both meshes.