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I've just purchased X-Plane 10 and I am having difficulty in deciding on a good reasonably priced yoke/joystick controller. I am relatively new to fight simulators and using an iMac.

Has anyone got any suggestions please?

Thank you

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If you go onto the xplane website click on store,then click hardware. Scroll to the bottom and click browse X-Plane peripherals.That will take to the x force pc flight simulation. Under the flight simulation button,change the sort by to price. Scroll down and click on the flight stick pro which is priced at $79.00. For a yoke,under the flight stick pro there is a flight sim yoke which is currently on sale. It's original price was $129.95 but the sale price is $119.00. Hope that you found this useful.
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Thank you. Finally went for the Saitek Yoke.