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I installed  X-Plane 10.42r1 on Windows 7 x86-64. When launching X-Plane and after selecting the Cessna 172SP, the application crashes. I tried another aircraft and it worked properly. It fails while loading the bitmap "./Aircraft/General Aviation/Cessna 172SP/Cessna_172SP_chute.png" which doesn't exist.

I tried to remove the Cessna 172SP's directory and update the game, nothing changed.

Additionally, the crash reporter crashes itself while sending the dump.

I joined my "Log.txt".

imageDownload file


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Yeah, having the exact same problem. X-plane bugreport won't answer me.

Anyone has any idea?


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I am not an expert, but make sure you send your bug report also to Laminar through the regular bug-report channel:

Crashes catch the immediate attention of the developers, and you might even get contacted directly to help resolve the issue.

Good luck!