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Which era are you people in? I downloads the x-plane 10 only at speed of 10 kb, sometimes it was even 1kb. And now I even can not stick on this speed since installer will time out. As a customer, I pay for the product but now I can not even install it. Is it the way of doing product service???

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We use a CDN service to distribute the downloads of X-Plane that in general has good coverage for the areas where most of our users are located. You can list your country so we can keep track of where service is slow.
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Same here in Sydney Australia - download speed = 25 KILOBITS / sec [:o

I'm just loading the minimum scenery for Australia = 8Gb ...

That is going to take 85 hours = 3 1/2 days !

What can I do to make this a bit faster (we have a 30Mbps service here).