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I don't understand that on the b777 picture on the Xplane10 website for mobile it shows that the speed autopilot is engaged. If anybody knows please reply.

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Hi Pilot Geek,

I'm not sure what B777 picture you are referencing that shows a speed autopilot engaged. Can you provide a link to where you see that?

X-Plane 10 Mobile only has three autopilot modes (HDG, ALT & PCH) that are turned on and off by tapping near the top of the mobile device's screen.
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I can´t for the life of me make out what the FMA says in those pictures. But it certainly doesn´t look like any speed is selected on the MCP (0), so it would be far-fetched to assume that the APFCS is in MCP SPD mode in those pictures...

Don´t forget that this is a version of the 777 made to run well on a handheld telephone at acceptable speed, it is not designed to complement your type-rating course for flying the real thing. There is a payware 777 available to run on the desktop version on X-Plane, this will definitely add a more complete choice of autopilot/autothrust modes.

Good luck, Jan
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Hello Pilot Geek!

It would indeed be really nice if a Speed Autopilot function existed. I miss this in the current version of X-Plane Mobile, and hope they add it. About the photo, I think only pitch and heading were on. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, Speed A/P would be really appreciated!