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While attempting to install, after entering the product key, I get an error that the authentication server could not be reached.  This has occurred over several days // it's a new install of x-plane with no others on my drive // I've shut down the firewall and other protections // and confirmed the product key is correct.  I'm in the US and the Installer Log is attached.


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Maybe the same issue I'm having? Are you on Mac or Windows?

I also sent an email to [email protected] to make sure their support staff looks at it.

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Sorry, I should have made that clear ...I'm using Windows 10.
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In my case, X-Plane support helped me find that the installer had a character in the "network proxy" field of its settings. Deleting that made the install continue. It was really subtle because it was a backtick character (so barely visible). I'm not sure how it got there.
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Great, I hope they'll be able to point me to the error so I can move forward, unless you can provide the details on what they provided you so I can try that as well.
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nilsbunger - since X-Plane support has NOT provided any guidance to resolve the issue, do you still have the information from them on where I can find the network proxy character that should be changed that fixed the problem for you?
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This was the exact text they gave me:


Would you please check in the installer options to ensure that you do not have any text in the proxy section?


I don't have the installer in front of me, but I think in the first screen there is a "settings" or "options" button, maybe in the top right? That has a bunch of settings including a network proxy setting. Unless you have a network proxy, you want to make sure it's blank.

In my case, that field almost LOOKED blank -- it had a backtick character in it, which was really hard to see. Deleting that character and saving the options fixed it.

Good luck, please let me know if it helps.

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Well thanks for the lead but, unfortunately, that proxy section is definitely blank.  It would have been nice if that's all I needed to do to fix it.  I greatly appreciate your time providing the suggestion.