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I wondered whether x plane 11(final version)  will be available for android and iOS users

For some reason, I don't like flying with my computer.

Please answer as soon as possible
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Don’t get me wrong, the airplanes with manipulators are fantastic, but the regions are so limited it infringes on this simulators overall experience. You are limited to very small spaces, which get incredibly boring after awhile. Plus by the time you get to cruising altitude, you’re already at the end of the region. Infinite Flight just released their highly anticipated “Global” update, which is huge. This allows users to fly anywhere around the world in real time, which changes mobile flight simulation possibilities. That update put Infinite Flight miles ahead of X-Plane, not to mention their community forum, live feature, and weekly events to keep things interesting. While cockpits with manipulators is cool, I’d rather see larger spaces to fly in implemented first. Plus it’s been about two months since any communication regarding the progress of this app. If you’re looking for a new experience, with community based events and the ability to fly with other users online, try Infinite Flight instead.

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We just released a major update to X-Plane 10 Mobile. We do not have any idea of the time frame or if there will be an X-Plane 11 mobile app.

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