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Xplane 11 ( Note once the ADF setting stopped responding, tried using in Xplane 10 and it too would not work)

Plane - Cessna 172 Skyhawk

1. Plane fully started and on the runway.

2. Use local map and find a NDBS and click on it to get option to tune the ADF to the station. Select both ADF1 and ADF2 . Do both to avoid possibility I am not activating the right ADF.

Go back to control view and check to see ADF is set.. But the ADF needle stays flat at horizontal with no movement even if I switch the ADF to ANT etc

Also, checked to see main selectors for Nav 1&2 are off and ADF1 &2 are lit up.

What is so frustrating is that the process I used worked beautifully for the first couple of times on xplane 11. (Used the same process outlined by Q8Pilot on one of his youtube videos on flying vor and ndbs in xplane).

Also, made sure none of the automated failures were the issue by fixing all issues and verifying that all systems were operational!

Wonder if one of the latest updates of xplane caused this as it was working fine when I first tried it.

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There was a bug fix implemented in PB2 to use the map to tune the ADF instead of the NAV radios when selecting a NDB. Can you provide a specific example? What airport are you at and which NDB are you trying to tune?
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Please answer my questions: What airport and NDB are you using? What are the exact steps you take to see this.

I do see that you are set to read from the GPS. You will need to push the CDI button on the GPS to switch to VLOC.