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The way the atmosphere looks now is unrealistic and somewhat annoying when approaching airports. I would rather be able to have better visibility than have the ability to generate fog. Please note that I prefer to use real-time weather.

One other thing, when trying to return to fwd cockpit view with "W" key it sticks and when I change to lets say 45 degrees left or right then hit "W" key it will finally return.

I am enjoying XP-11 so far and I think you guys have done a remarkable job. Just for your info I am a real world pilot and flight instructor with over 6000 hours.


Tom Kerwin
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Agree the hazeness is terrible. Its like I'm flying in the smogeyest citys in the world like Bejing or New Dehli. In Australia where the air is extremely clear the hazey look seems totally unrealistic. Hopefully there will soon be a way to turn it off.

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The haze is more pronounced in X-Plane 11 due to some of the new rendering features and lighting model. Atmospheric scattering is always on and there is improved volumetric fog.

As we are still in beta, there may be more tuning of the default settings to come but I don't have any specifics so far.
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Thanks for letting people know that you are a real world pilot.  I am not and I was wondering if the atmosphere was getting that bad or whether it's an X-Plane 11 problem.  Anyway, I will stick with X-Plane 10 until there is an improvement with this excessive fog on a clear day.   Over four thousand feet, you can't see a thing on the ground.  However, in support of X-Plane, I did buy the full beta version even though I was happy with my previous version of X-Plane 10 v10.50.   I was also wondering if excessive fog problem was due to my my graphic card.  I am currently a year into my GTX 980 ti and might push up the purchase of a GTX 1080 if it would improve the FOG condition during clear weather flying.
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A different graphics card will not make a difference as it is a rendering and tuning issue that LR will have to handle with an update to the sim.