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Whenever I am mid-flight and save it, to either come back or work on landing approaches for example, on x-plane 11 my engines fail. Every time. No failures set up, but immediately upon resuming the flight, the engines are off, no throttle works (joystick or in the cockpit by mouse) and I have to restart them.

Is this a bug?  this is on the x-plane stock C172SP, so I feel like you should be able to resume a saved flight.
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It seems like this only happens now when I start my flight with the engines off (cold and dark) so I can practice doing my pre-flight , start, and run-up.  It then starts the saved flight with engines off, even if you are in the middle of the flight.

It seems like the saved flight should be in whatever configuration the flight was when you saved it.
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Sounds like a bug to me.

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I would agree with FrigginGuy--this sounds like a bug. Please submit a bug report here with the step by step process you took to see this, and how you figured out it may be tied to the engines off check box.

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