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I have inserted Disc 1 and launched the window installer but other than the welcome screen nothing happen. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series laptop with enough hard space

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If you download the demo version, install it, and run it, you should get a popup at some time saying "you are using the demo version of this software. Insert disc1 now to end demo (or something like that, I don't remember)". I never tried it but maybe it works for you?
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Please make sure you have uninstalled any other versions of X-Plane (such as the demo) by dragging it to the trash. Instructions on installing X-Plane 10 for the first time can be found here. If you think it could be a problem with the installer, you can download the latest version on the X-Plane website, here

After launching the installer, when the welcome screen appears, you will need to click the "continue" button at the bottom right corner to proceed through all the screens. It will not proceed automatically.