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I'm intending to purchase X-plane Professional, but need multiple computers to drive 5 full-HD monitors that I use for external views. Does each computer need its own license or is can multiple competers in a shared simulation share the same license?

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To build a simulator for professional use, you should buy one set of X-Plane DVDs, which you can then use to install X-Plane with global scenery on all of your computers, buy one professional-use key per computer to take it out of demo-mode and unlock the pro-use features, and download and install the HASP USB key driver on each computer you’re using a key with. You can read more here.

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So for home use, if I purchase the professional licenses to use on my 5 computer simulator, I would require 5 USB keys at $750 each for a total of $3750?
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For home use you can buy X-Plane here.

Using a Professional-Use USB key provides four main benefits:
1.It takes the simulator out of demo mode, allowing for unlimited flight.
2.It licenses your simulator for commercial use (that is, any use of X-Plane outside of your own personal use in your own personal home.) This license is also required for generating revenue, either directly or indirectly, using X-Plane.
3.It provides hardware and frame-rate checks required for FAA certification of the simulator.
4.It unlocks features of the simulator not available in X-Plane 10 Global. These include the ability to use cylindrical and spherical projection (as found in large simulators), and the ability to drive real Garmin 1000, Garmin 430, Garmin 430 WAAS, Garmin 530, and Garmin 530 WAAS units.