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on GNS430/530, i have a choice list in ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE menu on (for example) LFPO, ELLX, LFPG, EGLL....

On LFMN, LFKB... I have NONE.

Sure, the ICAO.dat of those airports are in the CIFP folder and they're completed.

Friends on have make the test, they have the same issue.


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For GPS approaches, we get all our data from a real-world airline, so we have a big database of a) what runways that airline thinks exist, and b) where those runways are (lat/lon).

There's nothing inherent in the design that keeps this GPS approach data in sync with the scenery you have installed---so, for instance, if in the real world, a runway was moved (due to new construction) or renumbered (due to changes in the magnetic variance at the location), and the airport in X-Plane hasn't been updated, the GPS procedure will absolutely not work---as far as it can tell, the runway it expects to exist simply does not.

This may be the reason approaches appear to be missing now. The next beta will have a new feature to make reporting this easier.
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The problem is not here.

The airports are OK and very important:

There's no problem with liners's FMS. The problem is only with GNS, it don't know SID and STAR of some airports, but, the FMS know them on the same airport.

You can make test. Go on LFMN (Default aerosoft airport of XPlane), enter a flight plane with the default 737 and the default KingAir for example. 737 know all SID and STAR, GNS in KingAir don't know.