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X-Plane 11 constantly tells me that there's an update.  However, all attempts to update end up with an error. This is a screenshot of my last attempt.  This is a digital download version and I have updated the installer.

And my computer configuration...

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I resolved this problem myself by dumping the file in question and running the update. This time it worked perfectly!!
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Hi evernow. I am very new here but have had the exact same problem. Can you tell me which file you are referring to "dumping the file in question".

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Hi Abkyou,

If you look at the first screen shot in my post (for X-Pane 11), you can see that it says, "Finished Web Update".  Underneath that it reads, "The technical problem was..", followed by the pathway to the errant file.  I followed that pathway and deleted the file listed ( and ran the update again. That solved the problem I was having.  The problem file on your version of X-Plane may well be different but if you have a message like the one shown in my screenshot, you should be able to track it down.

This beta version seems to have a few issues but, no doubt, Laminar are working hard to iron out the bugs!  If you continue to have problems, let me know.  I'm no expert and am very much a beginner with X-Plane, but I may be able to help.

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Thanks evernow, much appreciate your assistance.

I did delete the problem file and ran the updater again, only to find another file with an error, and then another... and another and so on.

I think I may need to download the entire app again as many of the .dds files are zero bytes in size...

Thanks again.