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On take-off, the acceleration seems to be slow - almost as if brakes are set. beeps etc.

I've got brakes off - the light is OFF on the pedestal.

Flaps are set for 5.

Auto-brakes are set to RTO.


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Check your takeoff speed.

Aircraft: Boeing 737
Takeoff Weight: 100,000 lb / 45,360 kg
Takeoff Speed: 150 mph / 250 km/h / 130 kts
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Do I enter this t/o speed somewhere??

How do I figure out my t/o weight?

This slow acceleration happens when starting from a full stop and t/o thrust.
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You do not have to enter take off speed. You can read more about take off here (example for Cessna 172).

The takeoff speed of such aircraft like 737 varies quite a bit, depending on the takeoff weight and the use of high-lift devices like flaps and slats. However, a good average speed range is about 160 mph (260 km/h) to 180 mph (290 km/h).