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After I have chosen my aircraft and scenery and click load flight a window pops up after X-Plane has loaded my options. I have tried deleting the plane and It made no difference. What does this window even mean. Any suggestions would help.


Window that pops up

Be Advised

You will now be dropped from the wing of another airplane(The B-52 is default in cruise configuration). If you are in the X-15, you can proceed to fly full throttle to the edge of space. This will burn the paint off in only one flight. X-15's sometimes blew up or crashed. Presumably your life insurance is up to date.

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That message is shown at the beginning of the built-in "air drop from b-52" situation. Are you pressing any keys during this? Maybe this situation got accidentally assigned to a key. You can check to see if it's an accidental preference setting by moving the preferences folder (found within the Output folder) to the desktop and restarting X-Plane. It will behave like it is a new install. Then try your steps again and see if the same thing happens.