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I am missing scenery files for specific areas, that I discover at random.  This has been true from day one with XP11 beta. (I now have rev9).   The files are not simply dummy files with 0KB; they simply are not there at all. The lat/long list of files will have one or many gaps in them, in the scenery folder.  Nearby scenery files are OK.  Deleting and re-installing a scenery selection, such as western USA, does not provide the missing files.   (Another several hours and many GB later!).    Places such as northern California sierras (Columbia, etc), St Louis area, north/central Colorado, and many others, are simply missing, and I encounter the 'water wonderland' at random as I fly around the country.   I just found two more today.     So there must be MANY missing areas.

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I have found the same and reinstalling scenery does not help. Laminer research may already know about this but incase they don't, it might be a good idea to file a bug with the coordinates of at least some missing scenery.