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So, to begin my descent in X-Plane, I have to be about 100NM away from the airport, but the destination airport only shows up on the local map when its about 50NM away from me. So its too late to begin my descent. Is there a way in X-Plane 10 where I can see how far away the destination airport is from me whenever I want?

I am using an A330-200 with a 2D cockpit (Not JARdesign)

Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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Hi, still that far away from destination airport the only option I can think about is the FMS / GPS showing usually trip progress, ETA and distance to destination. Only not sure if your plane model supports that on it's FMS, but usually should,
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Well, when I upload a flight plan into my FMC, I see the end destination airport on it and it says, "2050NM", even though I'm like 30NM. What am I doing wrong?
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Hi, with something like '2050NM' shown when some 50NM away there should be an issue with the flight plan or it's interpretation. Maybe one leg reaches far out by mistake - sometimes happens combining the legs in planning software or if NAV databases used in flight planner and XP are not in sync (mistakes, diff. cycle) I would check the flight plan legs in the FMC if they all show a reasonable distance and none of them goes to a distant point and returns from there.

You can try a more or less Direct To and have a look if that is accurate then to exclude an issue with the FMC calculation itself.
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I use the XHSI plugin. There i can switch the MFD to Flight Plan and get a list with distances and time to reach. Very helpfull is also the ND especially if the display of the aircraft is too small.