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My X-plane 11 keeps crashing during application start-up with this message.

I tried reinstall X-plane and I keep getting this message without any chance to run the program.

How can I fix this?



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I have the same problem. Just purchased X-Plane and now I cannot use it.

Tried to paste the log file, too long tried to attach the log file, won't let me.
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I solved this by rebooting my computer.
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The problem is much more deeper and it could not be solved by just rebooting my computer. I've been fighting this for over a week. I got clean windows - just XPlane 10&11, I tried rebooting, reinstalling the program, updating drivers and vsredist. The program crashes on loading aircrafts library so it more looks like a version build bug, but somehow I'm the only one who getting this.
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I also have this problem and have done a re-installation but get the same thing with no plugins or aircraft installed.

I'm headed back to P3D for now. Hope it gets fixed soon.



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After the reboot fixed the original problem it happened again and a reboot didn't fix it this time. I also ran the install program again but didn't help either. I am broken again also. Mine is not happening when I load the aircraft but when I start to fly. I thought it might be the aircraft I was selecting but I tried different ones with the same problem.
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Delete X-Plane11\Resources\sounds folder and run again X-Plane 11 installer.
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Unfortunately this didn't work
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Regarding log file above, I've deleted "sounds" and "Aircraft" folders and ran installer again.

Still doesn't work. I have no idea what's wrong with it. Total reinstall didn't work.

Could it be some registry key which I have to delete, or something like that?

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Check your folder permissions (read/write) or move your X-Plane folder to another location. You can read more about file and folder permissions here. Turn off all plugins. Check your output device (there is an error initializing output device). Unplug  joystick(s) (there is a warning about unconfigured joysticks).
You may need to reinstall X-Plane to fix this.

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Tried to reinstall in another place, unplugged all devices. Folder permissions are okay. Nothing helps.
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You can file a bug report here (provide a copy of the log.txt).