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Since beta 11, the cirrus sf50 will not get up to speed for take off. At full throttle and N1 at 95+ , brakes off, no flaps, the cirrus is very slow to gain speed. At the end of a 7000 ft runway I am at about 60 knots! I tried deleting the cirrus and downloading a new file, but the results are the same...any ideas?

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I could not reproduce this so check for any plugins or third party additions that could be affecting the sim.
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OK. Thank you for responding. I have no plug- ins. I deleted the  cirrus aircraft folder of beta 11 and replaced it with a back up copy of beta 9 that I had. The cirrus flies great from the beta 9 version. All other aircraft work just fine except the cirrus...seems like I am dragging a WW2 tank behind me a take-off! Very interesting.

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