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When will the Steam Version of X-Plane 11 be released? I was excited that on 2/10/17 I looked on steam and was excited to see that it would be released on 2/15/17. I looked today in preparation to buy the game and it now says release date 3-30-17. I am angry that you guys keep moving the date back when will it be released?!

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Hi rnd101,

I understand that the STEAM version of X-Plane is developed/produced by a third party software developer, independent from Laminar Research.  So, if you have a problem with delayed dates of release of Steam by this developer, then complain to that company, and don't bellyache to Laminar Research.

Laminar Research has indicated through many forum comments, before your complaint, that X-plane is still in Beta format development trying to "fix" bugs that are found by those who are prepared to test before the final release.

Anyway, how can another developer promise something that they have no control over?  When the final/ official release of X-Plane is made by Laminar Research then the Steam version may be released by this other company.

If you are so keen to get into a version of X-plane, acquire a beta version and help towards fixing any bugs should you find one.

If not convinced then have a look at this link

Like you, there are a number of X-Plane 10 users waiting for the release of XP11.  SO, until then sit back and wait.


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Good job. Glen  !!
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I appreciate the countless hours that you spend on a computer helping "fix" bugs, I was wondering why would i spend 55 dollars on a beta version that I am not sure if there will even be a full version when the company can't tell me a release date. I have heard several different stories of the release date constantly getting pushed back.