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Every plane has a glossy effect in XPlane 11. I do not want all my planes to look so shiny and new...

In my opinion, the old planes look stupid with the Glossy effect. How do I turn it off?

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You can reduce reflection detail in the graphics settings screen. Otherwise, how reflective parts of the plane are is controlled by aircraft authors.
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Ok, Let me explain. High or low..the glossy look on the planes is still there. 99% of all my Carenado and Alebeo Planes  work in X-Plane 11. They were never designed to look like they were slimy gloss. I own over 25 of them. And believe me..Turning the reflection detail to high or minimal has NO effect. Again, Carenado and Alebeo never made them to look Glossy! But thanks for your 2 cents worth.

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There is no need to be rude with people trying to help.
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I am Sorry, I did not mean to be rude. Thanks for you help,


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Carenado or Alabeo will have to tune the aircraft to the new rendering engines and settings to make XP10 aircraft compatible in X-Plane 11. In their defense, LR has not published much or any documentation on how to do this yet.
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You can disable x-reflections if that plugin is enabled.  Go to menu and select Plugins -> Plugin Admin -> Enable/Disable and then uncheck X-Reflections if it appears in the list.  You may need to click Next.
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All those models are for X-Plane 10 therefore they aren't fully compatible with X-Plane 11. In X-Plane 11 there were changes in how reflection and many other things are treated. So you should wait to 3rd party authors to update their models. Look, if you try the standard Cessna 172SP it looks great. It's not Laminars fault you're using a model that isn't designed for the current (BETA) release.

Good luck, and more readings.. :)
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I made my own plane in XP 10 PM and uploaded to XP.orgs site.  Now, in 11, it has nice shiny reflective wings which is not wanted in a fighter.  So How do I redesign my paint it so it is not shiny with all the reflective switches off?