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during the installing of the complete version of x plane 11, the installer keep saying me:there was a problem during the installing of Xplane 11, please chck your internet connection and try again.I'm connected to internet but the problem is still here

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If it is a temporary timeout, it will try again or skip the file and try to continue. When it finishes, you should probably run the update option immediately to make sure you aren't missing any default files.
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sorry but the installation stopped at check servers, and it's not a temporary  issue, how i can run the update option? i have tried again to install but nothing.I have an ethernet connection
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i solved the issue, can i export x plane 10 Aircraft to x plane 11?
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If the aircraft is a v10 updated aircraft, yes you can use it with X-Plane 11 with no issues. Some aircraft that can be used in XP10 are actually X-Plane 9 aircraft, and they will not work so you may just have to try them all and see how it goes.