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I'm from Norway and I was looking forward to flying in Norway with X plane 11. The first thing I noticed when I started at OSLO airport, was that it hadn't any buildings around. If it hasn't been made any buildings at Oslo, I believe it is a shame. It is one of the biggest airports in Scandinavia, and Norway's main airport. Is it just me that experience this? There are a lot of other airports in Scandinavia with no buildings also, but at least, I believe that Oslo should be built properly.

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True, the standard X-plane scenery package does not include buildings, etc. for ENGM.  You can, however, download several free packages from the .org site listed here.

Glad flyr!
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Thank you for your answer.

I've looked trough some of the free packages, but I can't find ENGM for X PLANE 11? I downloaded one package, but it failed at once I started the game... probably was just for Xplane 10...

Have you seen something for X plane 11?
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This airport looks like it might work in XP11, but it needs all the additional scenery packages installed.  Since XP11 is still in Beta, I haven't added or played with the "additional" libraries listed.  I'm waiting for the final release of XP11 before I get into the add-on packages.  I tried to open this package in XP11, but it would not load.  I suggest you keep checking Google for ENGM scenery XP11.  Somebody may develop a package and post it.  

If you are real ambitious, download the listed airport and the scenery packages listed and see if it works!

Don't forget, it needs these scenery packs installed...


R_2 library,
FF LOD Library
The Handy objects library 5.4
RE_Library 1.8,
3D people library 3.8
MisterX Library 1.2
THE-FRUIT-STAND Aircraft Library v2.2
BS2001 Object Library 1.1
Flags of the World

AutoGate plugin for working docking system.

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Hi Daniel,

I am a flight simmer just like you.

In one of the early public Beta versions others from the Scandinavian countries lodged a similar complaint as yours in this forum.

From memory the answer given was that in the beta version scenery at that time was limited to 60 degrees north and 60 degrees south of the equator. It was recognised that there were flight simmers in your area that were further north than the 60 degree boundary.  I understand that an effort was going to be made to fix that problem, just for your area, in future beta versions.  You may chose to back track through this forum to a time period of about late December early January to view the complaint and subsequent answer.

In the meantime I would suggest lodging a "Bug Report" concerning the lack of scenery for your area.  The bug report can be found at

Hope this may help