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Updated to pb14 today. Seems worse than pb13. Cessna is totally uncontrollable. Veers left and right with tire squeal during takeoff. The sim stutters constantly at 55fps. Payware aircraft throttle problems(can't advance,Fps drops when advance throttle forward, sim will hang up). When landing as soon as you touch runway ,plane wants to veer left and right.I was asked to submitted bug report for pb13. I am not the only person with these problems. Now this sim seems a lot worse than before. Testing conditions, clear sky and no wind. By the way Xp 10 works perfect. I can basically simulate all the features that Xp 11 has ,by downloading files from various sites, from the . Also i have reset all of my settings in preferences file. Reconfiged every thing, within Xp11.
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About the C172, indeed, I have noticed that too. To me, there is way too much induced torque at low RPM and it has been the case since pb13.
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Check if the rudder control is also applying differential brakes. And I think about 3rd part models... until XP11 isn't released it's suppose to happen.

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It is a real problem. Cessna is totally uncontrollable before take off, during the flight and after landing. But there is no such a problem with Boeing 737.