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Having both the USB CH Flt Sim Yoke and Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 joystick plugged in and calibrated, I am having an issue that the throttle on the CH Flt Sim Yoke does not work, only the Sidewinder joystick's throttle works. (all other controls works.) When I unplug the Sidewinder joystick, the the CH Flt Yoke throttle then works.

Is their a configuration issue/confict or setting that I need to set so I do not have to unplug my Sidewinder joystick when switching between aircraft/helicopters.

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Can you add a picture(s) so I can see your controller menu?

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X-Plane will not function correctly if you have more than one axis assigned to the same function (two axes assigned to roll for example).

Go to the joystick settings screen and change the drop down to the device you do not want to use in X-Plane. Set all the axes to "none" or "unused". This will be saved to preferences and X-Plane will no longer think there are duplicate axes assigned, so the other device should work properly.
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Wait... do you have any of the controls set for the same function on both units?   If so... there's your answer.   If X-Plane sees to controls with each assigned "throttle" for example... it's going to generate a conflict.   As these are USB... why not just run an extension cable from your computer... so you can plug / unplug and switch the units?