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I would like to use three big screens for my flight sim. If I went with 50 in screens, one in front two on the sides, will it look like your looking out the side windows of the cockpit or will it just stretch the front window across all three? what hz rating would be good for the tvs? I have a few 60 hz, but wondered if this would be to slow. I bought a gaming computer that will be dedicated to the game:  Please help.


Intel i5 4440 4 core cpu, 3.10 mhz
Cooler Master hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler
MSI z97 gaming 5 motherboard
Nvidia GTX 980 4 gig video card
16 gigs DDR3 ram 1600 mhz
Crucial MX300 750 gig ssd (windows 10 home installed)
EVGA 850 watt, gold rated power supply
Corsair crystal series 460X - tempered glass, compact ATX mid-tower case
RGB lighting and led fans
Windows 10 home

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Hi North796,

From what I have seen Three 50inch screens will work quite well with XP 10 or XP11.  My final Flight sim "cockpit" will eventually have three 40inch screens.  I understand you can go larger if you have the room for the installation.  The 3 screens should be configured as one unit.  This can be done through Windows or NVidia.

Have a look at some of the Youtube videos produced by Michael Brown at XForcePC whereby he has set up several configurations using the same screen sizes.  This company is the recommended PC supplier by Laminar Research.  I give you his full site as he has several other interesting bits and pieces.  The link is at  In particular in your planned situation, have a look at his last video posted 5 days ago utilising 50inch screens.  Michael will also tell you in several of his videos not to waste your money on 4K screens as they will have to be "dumbed down" to 1920 x 1080 to work in XPlane.  

Hope this helps


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I would suggest at least 60hz for the monitor specs.   You can set it much lower... to sync your frame rates and get much smoother X-Plane graphics.   The hz is not as important with LED or LCD monitors as it used to be with CRT based monitors.   Even at 24hz I don't see any flicker on mine
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Wow... 50 inches. How far back from the screens do you expect to be? Note that three 4k monitors actually do "work" in X-Plane - but the frame rate is really too low. Here I have an i7-6850K, Asus ROG V 10, coupled to two 1080's in SLI. With a single monitor I'll see 24 FPS or so, but this drops to 16 - 18 with three 28" 60Hz 4K screens - "frozen" screen graphics are tremendous though... :-).  Three 4k screens will work either with nVidia 3D or Surround setup - 3D gives less distortion, Surround FPS is slightly better. Bottleneck appears to be the OpenGL (single core usage) API. For my setup, I wouldn't expect to see much frame rate improvement until the code includes Vulkan or DirectX12.