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The Demo was great.  Couldn't calibrate joystick but it didn't seem to matter.

However, after buying X-plane 11 beta, still can't calibrate joystick and in flight school, cannot start engine.

Tried turning the key, but it won't go to start.

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Mmm. Meaning that you assign joystick axis and the input isn't centered?
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No sliders moved like the joystick isn't recognized. However, the joystick works perfectly well in X-Plane 10. Guess they broke something.
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I'd try changing the usb port while in the SIM to test.
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Thanks for the suggestion, however, because the joystick works well in X-Plan 10, I don't understand why they just couldn't port that section of code to the new version.  For now, I'm thinking I'll stick with version 10 because 11 has other problems including failing to start the engine and frequent freezes.