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I bought X-Plane 11 after playing the demo and I used the Installer for Windows, which it recognized that I have the demo installed and it continued to use that installation to add more files to it. At one point past the typing of the Key and such, I was able to select additional scenery so I selected the United States and it downloaded it and I was able to fly to other areas instead of just the Seattle area. But after that I wanted to add Canada, Mexico and central america scenery files but I couldn't find an option for it within the game, so I had to run the installer again and it asked me for the key once (already typed for me) and I was able to select the additional scenery I wanted.

Is that the proper way to add scenery? Cuz it feels like I'm doing a new installation and I don't want to have any "key/activation" related problems. Or am I missing an option for it in-game?


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Scenery can be added or removed at any point in the future by re-running the installer. Insert Disc 1 if you have the DVD set, but if you are using a digital download product key, X‑Plane should remember it. If not, enter your product key when required. When the X-System installer comes up saying “You already have X‑Plane 11 installed on this computer,” click the Add or Remove Scenery button. You can read more about installation of X-Plane here.
For "key/activation" problem you can check your internet connection. You should be connected to the internet when X-Plane tries to verify the key. If it happens again you can attach a copy of the log.txt and contact support at [email protected] or you can file a bug report here. You can also read more here.